Worlds Strongest Coffee.

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Worlds Strongest Coffee.

Who sells the worlds strongest coffee?

Would you want the worlds strongest coffee?

There seems to be so many different coffee companies claiming to sell the worlds strongest coffee, just do a quick Google search and you will see at least ten companies making the same claim.

This all began when American coffee company 'Death Wish Coffee' began sourcing better-tasting highly caffeinated Robusta coffee beans and using them in their dark roast coffee blends.

But as most of us know that the best tasting coffee bean is the Arabica, so why use Robusta. Easy answer, although the Robusta bean is half the size of an Arabica bean, on average it contains double the amount of caffeine but unfortunately is often twice as bitter, so a coffee blend that is high is caffeine tends to have a bitter aftertaste. 

Dark Roasted Coffee.

Dark roasted coffees on the other hand tend to look stronger, that's probably because darker roasts are usually heavier-bodied, which describes how thickly the coffee coats your mouth. They also boast a bold aroma and a darker looking liquid.

Dark Roasted Coffee beans are heated to an internal temperature of 465–480°F (240–249°C) at 400°F (204°C) heat for around 15 minutes.

Darker roasts also tend to pack a more intense flavour that has bloomed through the heating process. Associated notes include smokiness, deep chocolate, earth, spice, or wood.

Lighter roasts, on the other hand, are often described as  bright, crisp, fruity, citric, herbal, or floral.

Dark roast weighs less than lighter roast, as coffee beans lose mass and density during roasting because the moisture evaporates from the bean.

If you’re comparing light and dark roast coffee by weight, the caffeine amount is comparable, with only a slightly higher caffeine amount in a lighter roast, this is because you will have a higher number of dark roast coffee beans to match the equivalent weight of lighter roasted beans.

However, if you’re comparing light and dark roasts by volume (how much space the beans take up in the bag) a lighter roast will have slightly more caffeine 

This is because there is less caffeine per bean in a darker roast coffee. Also, because beans expand in the roasting process, there will be fewer dark-roast beans in a scoopful of coffee beans.

The amount of caffeine or how strong the cup of coffee is will also depend on the method you use to brew your coffee, as well as the amount of coffee you use not forgetting the amount of water or milk you use to make the brew.

So to answer the original question, who sells the strongest coffee in the world, the answer is simple - who cares.

If you want a coffee that is high in caffeine try Tactical Coffee's Caffeinated Violence, or if you want a dark roasted coffee try Tactical Coffee's Dark if you want to try the Worlds Strongest Coffee. Use more Coffee and Less Water using a V60 Coffee dripper.  

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