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Who sells the worlds strongest coffee?

There seems to be so many different coffee companies claiming to sell the worlds strongest coffee, just do a quick Google search and you will see at least ten companies making the same claim.

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Have you ever thought what it would be like to save someones life?

Then why not join the 'Thin Green Line' as a Paramedic.

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Bravo November -

Bravo November is the original identification code painted on a British Royal Air Force Boeing Chinook HC4 military serial number ZA718. It was one of the original 30 aircraft ordered by the RAF in 1978 and has been in service ever since. It has been upgraded several times in its history, now being designated as an HC4 airframe. It has seen action in every major operation involving the RAF in the helicopter's service life.

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CTSFOs are a proactive element of SCO19. Their role includes counter terrorism and hostage rescue. CTSFO teams provide firearms support to other Met specialist units and operate in both an overt and covert role. CTSFO teams are on constant standby to respond to a terrorist or major crime incident UK wide. 

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Using a V60 coffee dripper and 12g of ground coffee and 12 fluid ounces of water (the standard size of our takeaway cups) you get approximately 397mg of caffeine, according to Caffeine Informer that’s ‘EXTREME’   

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