AeroPress Original Review.

AeroPress, Coffee maker -

AeroPress Original Review.

The AeroPress is a bit of a legend among the die hard coffee fans, first introduced in 2005 and was invented by Aerobie president Alan Adler.

The AeroPress is a handheld espresso maker and is capable of producing awesome tasting coffee in less than a minute.

It is lightweight, portable and easy to clean making it the perfect coffee making tool when you need to pack light for operations, exercise or even just a day out on the ranges when you just cant handle that range coffee from the good old Norgie that probably had stew in it the day before.

The AeroPress is extremely easy to use and even a brand new, shiny 2LT could use it.

How you use it?

Place a micro paper filter in the cap, twist it on the chamber and stand it over a mug.

Put two (or up to four) scoops of Tactical Coffee into the chamber, then fill it with hot water up to the corresponding number of scoops – the instructions recommend 80°C for dark roasts, 85°C for light.

Mix the coffee and water for ten seconds using the supplied stirrer, insert the plunger back into the chamber and then press the plunger down using a gentle, steady motion for 20 to 30 seconds. 

Our medium (Omni) ground coffee is ground perfectly for use with the AeroPress and we recommend our Tactical Advantage Blend for the best results.

The AeroPress Original comes supplied with:

Brew chamber, plunger, a funnel, stirrer, scoop, filter holder and 350 paper filters.

Everything you need except the Tactical Coffee, Mug and of course the Water.

AeroPress Original and the latest AeroPress Go are available from our website along with replacement filters.