Bravo Blend Customer Review

Bravo Blend Review -

Bravo Blend Customer Review

Bravo Coffee.

No excess/ unnecessary packaging just a simple, sturdy mailing bag, which is great for the ever more environmentally conscious amongst us.

Love the look of the actual bag, nice, simple, clean design. visually it stays close to the brand with military style stenciling and colours.

Made of Foil with Resealable strip to maintain freshness and Simple 1-Way De Gassing Valve on the back. Again, no unnecessary packaging and not overly engineered.

First of all, I’m no Barista and have never claimed to be but, I do know my way around a decent cup of coffee.

I found that Bravo Blend is Highly Versatile. Whether it be Aeropress, Cafetiére, Espresso Maker or even chucking it in a Bean-to-Cup.

Upon opening the packet, it’s evident that the beans were recently roasted with a nice uniformal, medium brown colour and the amazing fragrance after a quick spin in the hand grinder leaves no questions to its freshness.

To taste, I think that this particular blend works very well together. Personally, I prefer to enjoy this as an Americano as there is no real bitterness as the slight acidity goes great with the sweetness which results in a lovely smooth, well balanced and in my opinion an overall well-rounded drink.

Personally, I would Highly recommend Bravo Blend, whether you’re a bit of a coffee snob or just enjoy the taste of great coffee.

I am really looking forward to getting my hands on other blends and continuing to support our veterans in the process.

Review: Alex Henderson.