First into Sangin

Book Review, First into Sangin, Trevor Coult MC -

First into Sangin

First into Sangin - Trevor Coult MC

First into Sangin is about a selection of men that were handpicked by the commanding officer of the First Battalion of the Royal Irish Regiment. The soldiers involved were at the top of their game and the fittest within the unit; one soldier in particular had been awarded the Military Cross for a complex ambush in Baghdad on the previous tour, but due to combat and casualties, he kept this hidden from his platoon. This is a story of a forgotten platoon. These soldiers being the first soldiers into the infamous Sangin town, they were the Irish Rangers.

About the Author: Trevor Coult MC

Trevor, joined the Army on the 4th July 1994, having followed his mother and father into the military, he went on to complete 10 Operational tours, 2 of these were in Iraq and this is where he excelled, while working in Baghdad as part of the Generals close protection team, it was there he was involved in a well executed ambush and for his actions was awarded the Military Cross by HM the Queen, he then continued to serve until Feb 2015 and completed a further 3 Operational tours in Afghanistan.

He was part of a highly trained hand picked platoon of men that were sent to fight along side the elite Paratroopers during HERRICK 4 as a section commander, the book describes some horrid times. He used his experiences to return to Sangin during HERRICK 8 and this time as a platoon sergeant. His story goes into how battle can effect even the toughest of soldiers and shows we are all breakable in the end.

Big Phil Campion EX-SAS

“A seriously nails story told by a true warrior”

Big Phil Campion EX-SAS and best selling author.

Bear Grylls

“Courageous and Committed this book tells it just like it was a journey into hell

but fighting along side the best.” – Bear Grylls.

“A great read, an Afghanistan perspective from the sharp end,a snapshot of the daily trials of the infantry living and dying in the longest campaign the British army has fought in decades. A testimony to the raw courage and tenacity of the British soldiers ability to endure, overcome and survive. The men from the council estates of Britain who prosecute the wars in far flung lands, a must read for every Politician.”

– AR former Warrant Officer 1st class (RSM)

22 Special Air Service and uncle of Mark Wright GC, killed in action Afghanistan 6th Sept 06.