Instant - Colombian. 150g.

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Instant - Colombian 

150g Pure Colombian Freeze Dried Coffee

Freeze dried Coffee made from 100% pure Colombian coffee beans.

When time is not on your side and making a proper brew/wet is not an option.

All our coffee beans are roasted using traditional techniques and modern technologies to produce consistent, high quality coffees.

Our specialty coffee is sourced from farms that focus on either Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certification.

Our coffee beans come direct from the farmer so we can guarantee that more of the money we pay for our coffee goes direct to the farmers, workers & their families.

How is freeze dried coffee made?

The raw green coffee beans are first roasted in the traditional way before being course ground and then brewed by hot steam and pressure to make a really strong coffee. 

The coffee is then heated until it has condensed into an extract, this is then frozen at a temperature of around -40c once frozen it’s is smashed to tiny pieces of coffee love.

The granules are then submitted to extreme low pressures and heat to remove the excess moisture, this is called ‘Sublimation’ boom we then have freeze dried coffee - made from real coffee beans.


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