Bravo November - Jamaican Blue Mountain® 150G

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Bravo November. Jamaican Blue Mountain®  

Select Ground or Whole Beans

Floral | Chocolate | Hazelnut

Medium Roast

The beans are handpicked from a coffee farm 3,300 feet above sea leave in the Blue Mountain region of eastern Jamaica which is the most famous coffee origin in the world.

Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is one of the world’s most reputed and rarest coffees. Its rarity is due to its limited growing area and is reflected in the price.

The beans are hand roasted in a small batch roaster by our Sicilian Master Coffee Roaster who has over 40 years experience.  

Every Barrel of Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee receives a Certificate of Authenticity.

A prestige coffee such as our Jamaica Blue Mountain® deserves an equally prestige name.

It didn’t take us long to decide on ‘Bravo November’ to find out why read our Blog on Bravo November ZA718


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